5 reasons to push social media content on screens

Restaurants, hotels, and even office spaces are incorporating live social media into their content rotation. Showcasing customers’ tweets, Instagram photos, and more drives customer engagement and lets the customer contribute to the company’s marketing communication. But why exactly would you want to put customer Facebook posts to your screens? Here are five reasons to integrate social media and digital signage -rather sooner than later.

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Let's talk about Digital Signage profitability

More than often the arguments of salesmen sound a bit too good to be true. “Digital Signage improves the communication of corporations”. “Produces more income and saves some euros in the process”. “Improves image and fortifies the brand.” Still, when it comes to digital signage these arguments aren’t just pretty words. That is why we are going to study some facts that explain why corporations one by one decide to take digital signage as a part of their marketing strategy.

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