Multi-purpose screen especially for entrances and corridors

FirstSign Entrance Display brings modern touch and profitable advertising spaces to lobbies and apartment corridors.

Multi-purpose entrance screen comes with a full-round protective metal casing and safety glass. The screen can be divided into three separate surfaces; one to replace old resident listings, one for information, and one for advertising. Selling advertising time for nearby companies and service providers both cover the expenses of the screen and create a steady revenue! The corrider screen connects to a wireless network (wifi, 3G/4G). The video and image content on all surfaces is managed remotely via Internet.


  • 32" Full HD LED 1080p screen
  • 110/230 VAC 65W
  • Wifi, ethernet, optional 3G/4G
  • Plug & Play
  • Protective steel casing for indoor use
  • Safety glass cover
  • Custom casing with RAL colors
  • Screen can be divided to 1-3 surfaces

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