Mobile & Social Media

Digital Signage 2.0: Make any screen interactive with the MagicTouch Mobile features.

QR Mobile Control

Your customer scans a QR code to navigate and control the screen with a smartphone. Let your customer play, browse products, and get excited! Interactive MagicTouch Mobile gives the customer a sense of control which evidently shows in your sales figures.

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QR Pocket Screen

With QR codes customers get your best offers, product info, or maps straight to their pocket. Paint a wall with the QR code or attach it to your brochures! Customer scans the code and gets your material to their smartphone as an image. QR code is in a way an additional 'screen' to which you'll add and schedule material with the web-based FirstView Manager the same way as any other FirstView screen.

Social Media Signage

Social Media Signage communicates with your customers with familiar social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Social Media Signage creates better customer experiences and lengthen the visit time -and therefore the average purchase amount. Plus your screens get fresh content provided by your customers. Social Media Signage takes digital-out-of-home marketing to another level.

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