Engage your customer at the point of sale

Digital signage grabs the attention right where and when it matters. You’ll see the change in sales figures, engaged customers, and a stronger brand image

Digital signage is a sales tool

Dynamic screens in strategic locations guide customer actions and result in sales growth and happy customers.

Promotions and campaigns are fast, easy and cost-effective to launch with remotely controllable digital screens. It's easy and fast to create and target messages in real time. Screens can be moved around the store according to the season or product promotions.

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  • control customer behavior and improve sales
  • improve the overall appearance of your store
  • target messages
  • reduce expenses for printing, etc.
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • activate buying behavior

”Thanks to the displays, we have gotten rid of difficult poster stands and poster printing. We have saved both time and money, and now we can be sure that the right information is displayed to the customers at the right time.”
Janne Nurmi, Prisma Chain Director, Pori

”Digital communications are the future. In addition to product advertisement, we can also use the displays for non-profit communications.”
Erja Skinnarla, Sokos Department Store Director, Regional Cooperation Office of Satakunta

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