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It is a HOT day. A child is screaming. Another one is screaming louder. Third one’s scream sounds like a thousand plates thrown to the wall. The whole reception crew is staring. Such a good idea to go on a holiday alone with the kids.

Digital LED board at the reception desk shows that there’s a playroom on the left. The picture changes. The Zoo seems to be conveniently a bus ride away. The digital screen saves the day.


Digital Signage benefits for hospitality

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Guidance, floor plans, and maps
  • Automated event and conference calendar
  • Real time public transport information, flight times and taxi service
  • Other relevant information such as the weather, social media publications, and traffic information

Our customer in hospitality: Sokos Hotels, Turku Region Public Transport, Viking Grace, Radisson Blu, Maritime Center Forum Marinum

Information displays are easy to update, and screen-specific content can be created.

Jari Paasikivi, Head of Development, City of Turku

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Selected Products

Video Walls

Video walls effectively catch the attention and make any space look up to date.

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10" Mini Screen

Small digital screen is especially designed for door sides and service counters.

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Modern pylons have a wide viewing angle efficiently grabs the attention of your customers

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Displays 32" to 65"

Professional bright displays get your content to viewers round the clock.

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