Content Management

Manage content easily and remotely

Update the material on screens remotely via Internet with the easy to use FirstView Manager user interface.

You can add and schedule material, such as images, video, information, ready-made templates, or news to screens either one by one, as predefined groups, or to all your screens at once.

Our monthly fee per screen includes server maintenance, web based content management system, software updates, new functions and features, and technical support.

  • Centralized content management via Internet
  • Automatic software updates
  • Minimal load on network
  • Screens can be connected to Wifi, Ethernet, or 3G/4G

What we have in the FirstView toolkit

Content editor

Conference and guidance tools

Template editors


JPG and PNG images

Video (Full HD, all formats)


RSS/XML feeds

HTML web content

Calendar functions

Material scheduling

Split screen

Display groups

User management


Automatic screensaver

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