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Can our company benefit from digital signage?

Do you have a business that has something to communicate to customers, employers, or both? Do you have a space where these target groups spend their time? Does your company have the need to reach out target groups in a cost effective and easy manner in real time? If you answered yes then remotely controllable digital signage screens can and will benefit your business.

Who should consider FirstView?

FirstView digital signage solution is especially designed for organization level for internal and customer communication purposes. This is backed up by versatile management logic, automation, user levels, and remote, scheduled material roll outs centrally or locally.

How does the FirstView Digital Signage solution work?

Professional digital signage means digital screens and small media players behind the screens. The devices are connected to the network in use in the installation site (wifi, Ethernet, 3G/4G). Content on all screens is managed with the web-based FirstView Manager CMS.

How much resources does using digital signage demand?

Creating and distributing content to digital signage screens is easier and faster than for example social media posts. Adding images, videos, and text to screens is something a monkey could do in minutes. You don’t have to have an in-house graphic designer or use an advertising agency every time you need fresh content.

What does the FirstView Digital Signage solution cost?

Digital signage communication usually has two main expenses: technology and service. The size of the initial investment is related to the amount and size of the needed digital screens, and the requirements of the installation. 

The FirstView service has a montly SaaS fee per each screen that covers everything from the CMS, to continuous development, and our own technical support. You won’t get married with us. Though for R&D purposes we favor 24 or 36 month agreements we still want to give you the change of choice. FirstView solution is also available as a reasonable lease financing. 

The price of the complete solution includes planning, implementation, and user training. The amount, quality, and update frequency of the material on your screens is defined by your company. Naturally we are happy to help with this too.  

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