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At a restaurant speed is everything

Digital displays are taking over traditional posters, especially in restaurants. Restaurant Factory has FirstView digital signage displays in eight restaurants where they replace traditional menus and advertising posters.

In a restaurant where content is updated up to several times a day, it is vital to concentrate on the essentials. Creating and printing content is not a daily trouble anymore. The content on the screens is made in advance and scheduled as needed.

“peed is everything. Content can be easily shared on screens without needing help from outsiders. Everyday life becomes easier when content is scheduled” says Saku Vesterinen who is responsible for restaurant Factory’s marketing.

“Anyone can use the system. Everything happens in real time, so we can create our own content and correct any mistakes immediately. For our weekly changing menus we have templates that only need to be updated and scheduled”.

Digital signage displays are a major part of the overall marketing both inside and outside the restaurant. When new marketing materials are created, a large format printer is now hardly ever at use.

Factory has 12 restaurants in the Helsinki metropolitan area, most of which offer lunch buffets.

Speed is everything. Content can be easily shared on screens without help from outsiders.

Saku Vesterinen

Marketing lead, Restaurant Factory

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