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What’s the right amount of text in digital signage? What’s the maximum viewing distance? How can we get some life into our bulletins? When am I supposed to have time to do all of this?

First impression is everything

Digital signage is glance media: The first 5-10 seconds define the outcome. Even the most stellar design doesn’t sell if the content itself is lacking.

High-quality content is the real attention grabber. But the most important thing is that they immediately tell your audience what you want to say. Regularly updated content translates into repeat engagement instead of stale default content.

You don’t need to waste your time coming up with catch prases, instead let us help you by creating stress-free and regularly updated content.

Harness our content masters

Our hearts beat for engaging content. We are dedicated to the secrets of digital signage, and we know what works.

We can spin up impressive content from scratch or do mind-boggling adjustments to your existing ideas. Catchy content brings life to your brand.

Benefits of the content packages

  • You regularly get new content
  • You save time and effort since you don’t need to come up with ideas or produce content
  • Professional-grade content attracts the gaze of your potential customers
  • The content is always optimized according to screen size, resolution, location, viewing distance and viewing time
  • You ensure a high-quality image of your brand
  • Your brand image is consistent everywhere

This is how we get things rolling


Kick-off phonecall

Together we’ll scope out what you wish to achieve and what are your real goals.


We create a draft

We send you a draft of content best suited for you. We’ll polish it to finish according to your comments.


Kick back and relax

We do the heavy lifting. We ensure that your content is professional, of high quality and optimized for your screens. You can relax while we schedule the content.

Care-free days with our starter package


  • We plow through your brand graphic guidelines (logo, imagery, videos, colors, fonts)
  • We bring your brand to life with an animation
  • We create a FirstView content template, which you can update and modify yourself
  • You get to choose what automated content to include (e.g. news, weather, social media)

Regularity is the key to success

Choose the continuous content creation package best suited for you. Or, if you wish, we can tailor a package just for you.


4 x

Content creation and scheduling

4 x

Scheduling of ready-made content

390 € / mo


8 x

Content creation and scheduling

8 x

Scheduling of ready-made content

690 € / mo


15 x

Content creation and scheduling

15 x

Scheduling of ready-made content

1295 € / mo

The right content gives the right results

Check out our tips and tricks, and let’s start tailoring a content creation package just for you.

Drop us a line and let´s build that digital signage project you´ve always wanted!

We’ve helped dozens of B2B brands convert more and drive sales. Let us help you improve your business.

FirstView offers Digital Signage solutions for internal communications, visitor directions and advertising. With FirstView’s intuitive system you’ll manage all your digital signage screens, background music and audio advertisements.

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