Internal communication is the cornerstone of modern work environments

Imagine what modern internal communication means.

Messages reach the right people. Employees work with motivation and without disruptions. Employer branding reaches its peak. Visitors find their way effortlessly. Your company is remembered for its exemplary actions in a crisis situation.

And then turn your imagination into reality, powered by digital signage.

Why should you use digital signage in internal communication?


Digital signage, the digital older brother of the bulletin board, ensures that you won’t be facing the communication paradox: the right message in the wrong place, or the wrong message in the right place.

Ensure that your message has reach. Exactly to the ones who need it.


Uncertainty and unawareness ruin even the best experience. You have the information your customers want, we provide you the tools enabling your messages to reach every pair of eyes.


Your guests find the conference rooms without a hitch, and visitor reception works like a charm. No more 5-minute delays in meetings and “sorry for being late, I couldn’t find the right room” is no longer a valid greeting.


You can’t avoid uncomfortable and sensitive communication. Getting the right message to the right people still rules in these situations. In crisis situations you’ll have the bulletins on your screens immediately. This is how you avoid unclear situations and panic.

Finally, well-working internal communication

By utilizing digital signage in your workplace you ensure open and transparent communication, which as a bonus reduces workload on comms people. The same information can reach the whole organization within a second, or then you can target specific messages to a specific room.

Employees enjoy having information concerning them readily available. You could also raise team spirit with public messages of appreciation, communicating your values and sharing social media images from the latest company get-together. Keep your organization culture vibrant and alive.

Why is internal communication worth the investment?

  • Messages instantly reach the right people
  • Uncertainty is left to the history books
  • Easy remote updates speeds up communication
  • Messages don’t disrupt the workflow
  • Employer branding gets stronger
  • Engage and motivate employees to succeed
  • Raise the ever-important team spirit

Reach mobile workers with FirstView mobile app

With the FirstView mobile app, you can publish content to the screens as well as employees’ phones at once. The employee receives notification of new content on their phone and sees important announcements immediately.

You can target messages to different target groups (eg production, drivers, administration), so that each employee only sees messages that interest them.

Nimble tools for efficient guiding

Forget worn-out sheets of A4 and leave thumbtacks to the history books. Digital signage screens, the guide signs of today, make your job easy as you can push the right information anywhere, anytime. Your conference guests will thank you, as it’s finally easy to find the right room!

Digital signage beats dusty old bulletin boards in a convincing fashion. Digital guide signs are easy to manage and this way you won’t have to do a full renovation whenever your organization decides to renew the room allocation. With our solutions you’ll effortlessly guide visitors, all the way from the vestibule to the corner conference room.

Additional bonus: keep your brand guidelines intact by styling all your screen content accordingly.

Only effortless and impactful experiences for visitors

A visitor management system that truly takes care of visitors leaves a professional engram in the mind. Yeah, this is the place where I was professionally received!

The first impression is made even before visitors cross the threshold, when they receive arrival instructions beforehand. Visitor management is present in the lobby, either as a functional self-serve system or as support to reception personnel. The entire visit lifecycle is automated and frustrating wait times are kept to a minimum.

Whether you receive a few visitors now and then or thousands of visitors each day, a successful visitor experience gives you a clear competitive advantage.

By integrating our partner Systam’s ( system with FirstView MediaCloud you’re able to offer personal guidance to your visitors the moment they sign in at reception.

Five direct benefits of visitor management:

  • You’ll have a swift way of managing visits
  • Drop your reception service costs
  • Serve your customers a delightful visitor experience
  • Automate information flow and reduce excess wait times
  • Visitor badges are done with ease
Infonäytöt yritysviestinnässä auttavat tavoittamaan työntekijät reaaliajassa

Crisis communication - no problem

Avoid communication risks and lead through a crisis without panic. Digital signage enables you to act fast, focus on the essential and provide necessary information to the whole organization – even in a crisis situation.

In emergency situations you have no time to worry about technology. With digital signage you can pre-define messages and guiding content for emergency situations: if a situation arises, you don’t waste time drafting messages, you simply enable the ready-made information. With the click of a button.

In emergency situations digital signage screens act as support to evacuation instructions, and with public announcement audio you’ll immediately get people’s attention.

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Modern digital signage enables efficient communication also to those without access to the intranet

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