The compact 10" mini screen displays meeting info and room reservations

You’ll find the correct meeting room swiftly as the doorpost-mounted info screen shows all the relevant meeting information and allows for instant reservation with the touch of a button.

Doorpost screens make meeting rooms just a bit smarter

Show of hands, who loves last minute aimless hallway roaming and the random chance of finding the right meeting room?

The 10 inch doorpost-mounted digital signage screen helps relieve these kinds of moments. The compact touchscreen collects and displays the crucial information about what happens in each room, and when. Finding the right room as well as room reservation itself is a breeze from now on.

You can easily manage the doorpost-mounted displays through MediaCloud CMS. Here you’re able to manage all your other digital signage screens as well, so you’ll have all meeting information in one place.

Guiding light to the right meeting room

The 10″ mini screen offers a trouble-free visit for your guests, as they’ll find the right meeting room without having to scale any excessive hurdles.

The doorpost-mounted screen provides clear information about what room houses what event. The information is always up to date, as you can update screen content in real time.

This is how finding meeting rooms is made easy

  • The mini screen outside of the meeting room displays the room name, the name of the reservation organization or unit as well as the meeting time
  • You can also include the company logo or other information
  • You can place a larger information screen in the lobby, aggregating all meeting rooms’ information in one place. Here you can also provide directional arrows for your visitors.
  • The system is easily integrated into various meeting and reservation software, e.g. Exchange, Timmi, Mercantus

Mini screens in room reservation

From the doorpost-mounted information screen you’ll easily see whether the room is booked or not. You’ll find free rooms as the green backlight gives you a glance of all available rooms. You can also book the room directly then and there – all with  a simple touch of the screen.

This is room reservations made easy

  • The screen’s bright backlight shows the current room availability status
  • The screen displays the current meeting schedule
  • Rooms available for booking both via calendar or directly at touchscreen display
  • 15, 30, 60 and 90 minute reservation slots
  • Reservations made from the display itself propagate directly to calendars
  • The system works in tandem with Google and MS Exchange calendars

What about the tech?

The 10 inch information screen can be installed both in portrait and landscape configuration in your chosen location.

The system includes the screen itself, a wall mount and the nimble MediaCloud CMS.

The display supports wireless networking, so all it needs is a bit of power.

We offer a three-year on-site warranty for the device.

Technical specs of the mini screen

  • Touchscreen 10″
  • Wireless connection (WiFI) or Ethernet
  • Plug & Play
  • AC adapter 5 VDC 10W or Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Landscape or portrait configuration
  • VESA 100×100-standard mounting
  • Built-in media player and internal memory
  • The screen supports image and video material, meeting reservations, text templates, RSS/XML feeds, interactive content

Our customers vouch for meeting room mini screens

“There are FirstView information displays on board the ship, too. There is an information display outside every conference room that shows the name of the conference room, the name of the company or group using the room, and the conference times. The company or group using the room can also get their company’s logo or any other information they want on the display.

– The FirstView system has proved to be extremely reliable, and it’s quick and easy for our conference secretaries to update the information on each display via the Internet. There is also a larger display on the conference deck that, in addition to displaying conference information, can also be used as an electronic notice board.”

Henrik Willstedt, conference manager
Viking Grace

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