Influential communication with digital signage

Help your customer with efficiently shared information. Choose a digital signage screen size suited for you and start streamlining your communication – we offer a turnkey solution for all your digital signage needs.

Luminous communication inside and outside

Professional-grade digital screens dominate once-white, now turned yellow ad posters and burnt-out TV’s. A high-quality digital signage screens is tireless and doesn’t overheat. It’s also an energy-efficient choice. You can get your screen encased, enabling use outdoors, in windows or in elevators. Window-mounted screens is a luminous crowd pleaser which doesn’t get outshined by the sun. Your message is clearly visible where it should be.

With digital signage you'll increase sales and elevate your brand

  • Reach the right pair of eyes exactly when it counts
  • Your message always reaches its goal
  • Push purchase decisions
  • Your brand is perceived as modern

No more printing fees or delayed campaign materials

  • Update content on the fly
  • Save time by scheduling content
  • Target your messages to the right locations
  • Stress-free content with easy integrations

Digital signage solutions for all marketing and communication needs

Digital Signage – the stylish way to communicate

Digital Signage is a modern way which enables simultaneous remote communication to the whole personnel. The screen naturally grabs the viewers’ attention, making information internalization effortless. Additional style points are awarded for impressive visual design.

In-store advertisement screens drive purchase decisions

The most important moment for triggering purchase decision is in your store – the main place of action. Advertisement screens magically presents the best deals wrapped in your brand visuals. Inspire and excite in the most critical moment!

Staircase displays show all the right places

Digital signage screens in staircases, elevators or lobbies are functional yet neat ways to present relevant information. Visitors find the right places effortlessly as the information is always up to date. You can easily integrate helpful information, e.g. public transit schedules, weather or social media feeds.

Doorway displays for mission-critical information

A 10″ doorway display easily shows what’s happening in the room, or who reserved it. Through remote content updates you manage the screens with ease.

What do you get with the FirstView system?

Influential and efficient communication channel
All-in-one package for digital signage:

Installation, digital signage screen, PiCube media player and intuitive MediaCloud content management system

Handy remote content updates via wifi
Bright high quality professional-grade screen
Finnish support and continuous product development
3 year warranty on all devices
FirstView MediaCloud CMS works on all devices
Infonäyttöjärjestelmä MediaCloud sisällönhallintaan

Easily implemented digital signage systems.

Communicate more, stress less. FirstView’s turnkey solution helps you succeed in communications.
We offer 32″ – 86″ digital signage screens installed in both landscape or portrait configuration. From us you’ll get the installation, all necessary devices and the nimble cloud-based MediaCloud CMS as a single package deal.

Mainosnäytöt tuovat tyylikkään digitaalisen viestintäpinnan tiloihisi

... but devices are just devices.

The star of the show is a truly functional content management system. We think that content management should above all be simple. This is why we’ve developed the MediaCloud CMS, with which you’ll manage your content with frightening efficiency.

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FirstView offers Digital Signage solutions for internal communications, visitor directions and advertising. With FirstView’s intuitive system you’ll manage all your digital signage screens, background music and audio advertisements.

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