Media players

Media player connects the screen to the network and enables remote content management.

The player continues playing the content from its own memory even if the network connection goes down. This way your screens will never go dark.

How it works

Media players search the content from cloud server

Content is downloaded to media players internal memory

Media players can play content even if the network connection is lost

Small giant PiCube & big brother HD Cube

FirstView has two media player models; small giant PiCube to play
Full HD video and image, RSS/XML feeds (eg. news or weathercasts),
conference guidances, and ready-made text templates.

The more powerful big brother HD Cube also plays HTML/web content, integrations, interactive material and video streaming.

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Mediasoitin HD Cube on äly infonäyttöjen takana

HD Cube (Intel)

Supported content:

  • Images JPG & PNG
  • Video 1080p (all common formats)
  • PDF files
  • Social media content (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Conference & guidance
  • Ready-made-templates
  • RSS-feeds & HTML-content (integrations,
    counters etc.)
  • Live stream
  • interactive content
  • Triggers & alerts
  • Animated templates

PiCube (Raspberry Pi)

Supported content:

  • Images JPG ja PNG
  • Videos 1080p (all common formats)
  • PDF-files
  • Social media content (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Conference & guidance
  • Ready-made-templates
  • RSS-feeds
Pieni ja pippurinen PiCube toistaa Full HD-tasoista video- ja kuvamateriaalia

How about the content?

With FirstView MediaCloud you can add and schedule material, such as images, video, information, ready-made templates, or news to screens either one by one, as predefined groups, or to all your screens at once.

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