Pylons take the digital surface close to your customers. Wide viewing angle within different lighting conditions ensures that your customers won’t miss your messages.

Available also with interactive touch screen. Pylons don’t need any installation.

Pylons connect to the wireless network and only need power to start making results. Ideal for trade shows and fairs.


  • Portrait 43″/49″/55″, landscape 55″
  • Plug & Play
  • PiCube media player included
  • Wifi or RJ45 (also 3G/4G)
  • Full HD 1080p images & video
  • Suitable for 24/7 indoor use
  • Power supply 65-70W
  • Weight 43″/49″/55″ 70/80/90kg
  • Dimensions 43″& 49″: width 70cm, height 192,5cm, depth 10/59cm
Langattomassa verkossa toimivat pylonit tarvitsevat vain sähkön toimiakseen


Pylons are a great option when you need mobility in your screens. A broad viewing angle in various lightings ensures great engagement.

Pylons are available in many different sizes (43″/49″/55″), both in portrait and landscape setups. All models are also available with interactive touchscreen displays.

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