Background music sets the tempo for customer experience

Sound gives you an extra boost in sales and satisfaction. With background music you’ll create a vibrant feeling to restaurants, offices and spaces. All without licensing fees.

The importance of music in your space

An upbeat atmosphere sparks great customer experiences. Playing music improves satisfaction of both customers and employees in stores, offices and cafés. Background music has deep effects on people – meaning you’ll trigger just the right feelings in your customers.


The groovy benefits of background music

Tune your customer satisfaction

Good beats equals more smiles.

People spend more time

Nice atmospheres lead to longer visits, and queue times are perceived shorter.

Create the right energy level for specific moments

Change tempo, genre and atmosphere to fit the time of day and day of the week.

Your brand comes alive and sounds like it should

Support and enhance your brand perception.

Sounds provide a connection to emotions

Background music lets you subconsiously effect thinking and emotions.

People want to buy more

Inspiring sounds enables up to 10 % more purchases.

Cut the noise and bring the ease

Shoo away disturbing noises as well as awkward silences.

Blooming work atmospheres

Inspiring music lead to much nicer workdays.

FirstView Music makes your brand a hit

What is FirstView Music?

FirstView music is part of our all-encompassing content management system. It enables you to enhance the effect of your message just where it is required. You can control the playlists for your spaces remotely from the comfort of your couch, no matter if you manage 5 or 500 locations. The background music service as well as the digital signage service is easily managed through our MediaCloud interface. Our solution also enables automatic PA messages, audio advertising and modern sound showers.

Unique FirstView Music features

Ready-made, fresh playlists

You have thousands of hours of unique music as well as piles of genres and atmospheres at your disposal. The playlists are continuously updated, so your customers get to enjoy the freshest of music.

Automatic PA messages and audio ads

You’re in luck, as our system allows you to integrate PA messages and audio ads into the background music. No need to juggle between systems!

Devices and system from a single provider

We always provide the full package. This means devices, systems, planning and installation. Everything with rock-solid Finnish expertise.

Just press play

The MediaCloud system makes operations especially easy. Music is played with a SoundCube media player, which carries on even offline. You manage music and announcements remotely with ease.

Sounds like your brand

How do you ensure you really sound like you? From our vast music library you’ll find background music that sounds like you, no matter if you’re running a restaurant, barber shop, store, office or gym. Tailor your playlists according to the time of day to create unique audio atmospheres. Listen to our demos!

Clothing stores
Lobbies and waiting rooms

Sound showers are modern tricks for targeted marketing

A sound shower is targeted audio, made possible by aiming a speaker to a certain area. So, in a nutshell it’s a modern way of delivering sounds or an ad to a single customer when they’re in a certain location. Targeted audio can also create various atmospheres within one space. Directed speakers enable you to calm down conversations or pump up the action.

Sound shower features

  • Audio surrounds a person in a small area
  • Very targeted messages even for individual customers
  • Targeted audio increases clarity of ads and messages
  • Sound showers provide privacy in e.g. banks or pharmacies
  • Allows you to place speakers close to one another without mixing the messages

Break free from music licenses

FirstView enables you to cut your music fees in half, as you’re free from license fees. The monthly service fee is based directly on your square footage. The premium music content in our service are created by artists who get up to 60 % of the profits. You don’t need to pay additional license fees.

Calculate your price, notice the difference!

FirstView Music

Perinteinen ratkaisu

Säästö vuodessa

Perinteinen ratkaisu = Teosto ja Gramex -luvat & Spotify Soundtrack

FirstView Music -palvelun hintaan sisältyy myös SoundCube-soitin

This is how it works

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