Digital signage is both information and entertainment

That work trip was way too long. Joonas leaps inside the hospital like a gazelle. Digital lobby screen shows that the maternity ward is in the right wing. His blue tie bounces from one shoulder to the other while Joonas runs in the hallways.

An information screen next to room 13 he finds a familiar surname. Behind the door he finds a new mother and soon enough a small bundle of joy that will change his life.

Is your information found where it is most needed?

Digital Signage benefits in healthcare

  • Guidance and information
  • Modern and real time information
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Waiting room information and entertainment
  • Integration to booking systems
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Saving in personnel resources

FirstView users in healthcare for example Esport Fitness Center, PlusTerveys, Plastic Surgery Center



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