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A stunning video wall refreshes both your space and communication in one motion. Video walls effectively catch the attention and make any space look amazing and up to date. Perfectly suited for company offices, public spaces, shopping centers and hotels.

The slim bezel screens can be freely added into a custom grid. They can be placed next to each other either in horizontal or portrait configuration. Configurations can be symmetrical (2×2, 3×3…) or asymmetrical (1×2, 1×4…).

By installing horizontally you can bring the screens to life by utilizing moving content. The seamless video wall enables a new punch to advertising e.g. in restaurant menu displays, where content can stretch beyond screen limits. The extremely slim bezel (3,5mm) makes sure no content is hidden out of view.

All screens are professional grade, low energy and heat creating bright displays. The sharp contrast and stable and even brightness ensure a stunning communications and advertising space.

Along with displays, we provide everything from mounting brackets to the installation itself. The installation is easy with precise equipment. By installing all displays individually, the wall can support a larger grid setup. Ask us about all available options!

E.G. 2 x 2 Video wall 196"

  • Philips 46” Ultra Slim Bezel
  • Portrait or landscape installation
  • Full HD 1080p
  • Brightness: 450cd/m2
  • Narrow bezel 3,5 mm
  • Viewing angle 178 degrees
  • D-LED backlit
  • Suitable for 24/7 indoor use
  • Smart Power energy saving model
  • Size of one screen 1077,6 x 607,8 x 103,8 mm

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