Better Business Inside & Out: The Benefits of Digital Signage in Employee Communication

Communication is the key to everything in business. Without proper communication you can lose customers and even worse, lose loyal employees who feel unheard or unrecognized. Internal communication has long been an issue within companies of all sizes. Old-fashioned bulletin boards are quickly forgotten, and it’s hard to know what’s new and what’s old without […]

Digital Signage commits employees and strengthens the company culture

In too many organisations the employees get tired of a lack of information or the feeling that attention is not paid to their views. There is either too little information sharing, the information does not reach the personnel, or there is too much information. At worst, the employees may feel that their work is considered […]

Getting started in Digital Signage

When a digital signage system is well-planned, it enhances internal communication, delivers better customer service and affects customer decisions at the time of purchase. Careful planning is essential to ensure that the benefits of digital signage can be utilized to the full. We’ve assembled a simple checklist to walk you through the different steps. STEP […]

5 reasons to push social media content on screens

Image: Netpresenter Social media provides a personal, familiar, and customizable way to get viewers involved through digital signage displays. Restaurants, hotels, and even office spaces are incorporating live social media into their content rotation. Showcasing customers’ tweets, Instagram photos, and more drives customer engagement and lets the customer contribute to the company’s marketing communication. But […]

Let’s talk about Digital Signage profitability

More than often the arguments of salesmen sound a bit too good to be true. “Digital Signage improves the communication of corporations”. “Produces more income and saves some euros in the process”. “Improves image and fortifies the brand.” Still, when it comes to digital signage these arguments aren’t just pretty words. Let’s hear some facts […]