Digital signage in a restaurants brings savings and serves customers

With digital signage boost sales by product promotions, evoke images and tickle the taste buds. Outside the restaurant, the digital display also serves as a tireless promoter.

Why should you use digital signage in a restaurants?

The digital screen attracts passers-by

An outdoor display with attractive content acts as a tireless promoter. 

With the help of the digital signage, you can tell passers-by about the restaurant menu and attract customers with offers. You can add automatically updated lunch menus and price lists to the screens.

Grow sales with product promotions

When your products are on display, your customers know how to buy them.

Make easy additional sales with clear product promotions, for example desserts and drinks. You control the loss by highlighting products that sell poorly or by directing sales by advertising products with better margins.

Evoke images

When a product has a story behind it, it’s always interesting.

A bubbly and sizzling brewery drink advertisement or emotional images that exude the quality of a local producer will convince people and arouse their interest.

Increase customer comfort and create a positive image .

The soundscape of a restaurant is an inseparable part of the customer experience. By combining the brand’s advertising screens with the sound world, you increase customer comfort and raise the customer experience to a new level.

Why is playing background music in a restaurant important?

Background music affects comfort. The more pleasant the atmosphere, the longer the customer stays. According to research, customers are ready to spend more money in a restaurant that plays background music suitable for the space.
The right background music even makes waiting times seem shorter.

Anyone can use the system. Everything is handled in real time, so you can create the content and if needed, fix it by yourself immediately. Bases have been made for the changing menus, which are updated and scheduled weekly.

Saku Vesterinen