Philips Professional Display Solutions (PPDS) has chosen FirstView as its global partner

FirstView joins PPDS Philips Professional Display Solutions Global Alliance Program alongside the world’s leading companies.

PPDS’s partner program includes companies from more than 200 countries. The program is by invitation only and we are proud to be selected as the only partner in Finland. The nomination was made in recognition of our reliability, expertise, and extensive knowledge of both the operating area and customers.

“The fact that a Turku-based 12-person company is chosen as a partner of the global technology manufacturer Philips shows us that, in Philips’ eyes, we are the leading provider of Philips digital signage solutions in Finland,” says Tommi Högmander, CEO of FirstView.

According to Högmander, the collaboration between FirstView and Philips is natural. “By working closely together, we are the first to hear about new innovations and products and have a chance to influence product development. In this way, we can offer our customers even more competitive solutions.”

Local support is always close by and within local response times, even if the displays are scattered all around the world.

FirstView and PPDS joins forces to draw customers back to brick-and-mortar stores

The first step in the collaboration is a marketing campaign to draw customers back to brick-and-mortar stores with digital signage displays.

Although restrictions are being lifted, Högmander does not take the return of customers to stores for granted: “Customers have got accustomed to online shopping and now stores need to find ways to get them back into stores.”

FirstView’s solution for drawing customers back to stores is bright digital displays that catch the eye better than static posters. Digital displays can be updated in real time remotely, allowing users to create content adapted to the day of the week, time of day, or even the weather. Relevant offers on window displays attract customers to the store and drives towards the purchase decision.

“A more appealing shopping experience can be created in many ways, for example with digital signage screens, video walls, touch screens, LED displays and background music. In this way, stores can offer better experiences and make customers stay longer”, Högmander concludes.

Interested in better communication? 

Start with these or contact us and we will help you find the right display solutions for your company:

Digital signage displays

Better communication with digital signage

Digital Signage is a great tool to influence purchase decisions and inform staff in real time.

10″ mini screen displays meeting info and room reservations

You’ll find the correct meeting room swiftly as the doorpost-mounted info screen shows all the relevant meeting information and allows for instant reservation with the touch of a button.

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