Digital signage in retail drives sales

Digital dignage is a powerful tool for promoting the visibility of your brand and message. With a visual message, you inspire the customer to purchase decisions, engage and inform – in real time. With the remote update, you can take it easy when the promotions are updated in a flash.

Why should you use digital signage in retail?

The digital screen attracts passers-by

The changing content of the displays catch the attention of passers-by better than static posters.

The digital display works tirelessly as a promoter in the window, when the current campaign and today’s offers arouse interest.

Grow sales with product promotions

When your products are on display, your customers know how to buy them.

Remotely updateable digital screens make it easy to do product promotions, evoke imagination and update current campaigns. This way your ads are always up-to-date and it is easy to change the campaign with a couple of clicks.

Increase customer comfort and create a positive image .

The soundscape of the store is an inseparable part of the customer experience. By combining brand-appropriate digital signage and background music, you increase customer comfort and the time spent in the store.

You inspire purchase decisions with targeted advertising

In the store, target advertising with specific content and influence the customer’s purchase decision.

Why is background music in stores important?

Background music makes customers feel comfortable.

A correctly chosen soundscape improves the customer experience and has an unnoticeable influence on the customer’s purchase decision. The more pleasant the atmosphere in your store, the longer the customer will stay there. The soundscape of the store is an inseparable part of the customer experience.

With the FirstView Music service, you can update background music, audio advertisements and announcements in the store at once.

Check out our customers' experiences of digital signage in the retail
Case Bag Stage

“With the help of digital screens, targeted advertising can be done for different customer groups, also at different times of the day.”

Rami Lehtonen
Bag Stage

Case F-Musiikki

“The screens are noticed and their content plays a big role in our communication “

Sami Ahokas
Project Manager

Case Näsin Apteekki

“The collaboration with FirstView went really well. All the planning and advice was just for us. They came to get to know the place, the solutions, presented ideas and researched whether they can work in this space.”

Kirsi Paulamäki
Näsin Apteekki

Case Porin Prisma

“Thanks to the sounds and the vibrant content, the attention value of the screens is excellent and
the results were immediately visible clearly in the sales of the products.”

Janne Nurmi
Prisma Pori