Future digital signage provides smoother service and better experience

Digital Signage has already expanded everywhere: streets, shops, schools, banks, restaurants, health centres and even taxi rear windows.

Ennusteiden mukaan Digital Signage -markkina on edelleen jatkamassa kasvuaan, vuoteen 2023 mennessä sen uskotaan kasvavan jopa 34%. Vuoden 2019 Digital Signage Future Trends –raportin mukaan useilla toimialoilla suunnitellaan Digital Signagen käyttöönottamista lähitulevaisuudessa tai näyttöjen määrän lisäämistä.

Digital Signage in the future will mean more fluent business and more memorable experiences. While technology allows for more specialised implementations, content is still at the core.

Digital Signage market continues to grow

Equipment and technology move forward

Not only has there been an increase in the number of screens, but also technological development. Technological advances have opened up completely new content opportunities for operators.

Leaps have been taken, among other things, in the display features. High-resolution 4K LED displays are gaining ground and new brighter screens are capturing the public’s attention more effectively.

On the other hand, sharper displays have also set higher demands for the content to be displayed. Better quality pictures and videos are needed.

Content is becoming more dynamic and, instead of static images, the viewer’s attention is grabbed by moving image. In the future, more spectacular and engaging content will be seen on the displays.

Viewer’s attention is grabbed by moving image

Learn how to get the most out of digital signage screens with impressive content.

Also the number of touch screens shows an increasing trend. In the future, information displays will be increasingly harnessed to customer service and self-service.

On the B2B side, the use of touch screen technology has not progressed as fast as on the consumer side, but a change for the better is already being seen.

Displays are increasingly seen as signposts and self-service tools. Customers can search the screens themselves for content or order the products and services they want.

Taking advantages of analytics becomes routine

The use of analytics is also gaining ground in the Digital Signage field.

Online marketing has been using analytics for a long time and content has been optimised in order to gain more profitable results. With the help of in-screen cameras, the investments can be monitored more closely also in information display communications.

Not only can analytics help you identify people’s movement around the display areas, it can also help in providing the customers with more targeted content.

As the amount of commotion in the world keeps increasing, it is also increasingly important to provide people with the right content at the right time. Cameras provide information on the visitors at different times of the day and allow displaying more targeted content to the public.

Contents becoming more effective and interactive

The biggest changes in the future will be seen in the content. There is a desire to influence people more heavily with the content, and the content is becoming more interactive.

Cameras and sensors already allow you to create engaging interactive content where the customer is part of the on-screen content. The boundary between the real and digital world will be blurred and we will not be far away from being able to virtually walk around the shop and test clothes and accessories.

Bold and impressive experiments have already been seen around the world. For instance, Pepsi Max’s impressive interactive display on the bus stop screen.

The Swedish pharmacy chain Apolosophy by Apoteket has made impressive use of interactivity in their product advertising. Technology already now has a lot to offer, so only the imagination of marketers sets the limits.

In the future, customers are brought closer to the brands and this way more effective marketing and communications will be created.

Information screens becoming part of the whole

In the future, Digital Signage will be increasingly integrated with other marketing tools. Content that the customer already knows online can be continued in the stores by, for instance, guiding the customers to find the product they want.

There is increasing interest in the different stages of the customer path and in customer reachability. A successful customer experience requires that the different stages of the customer path run smoothly. Information displays can be designed along the customer path to guide the customers, increase sales, and influence final decisions in the store.

If you are interested in a memorable digital signage and need help implementing it, contact us.

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