Fuel your customer data with in-store analytics

When you understand your customers, you don’t have to make business decisions blind. Anonymous in-store analytics is your trump card when you want to ace customer insights: you’ll know exactly how customers move through your store, how product placement affects buyers’ decisions and when customers get annoyed with overcrowding.

Optimize your space with data

In-store analytics is your secret weapon when you want to boost your business by optimizing your space. This way you’ll enhance sales and push your customer service to the top-tier. Clever analytics reveals how your space actually works, and you’ll get monthly reports to support your decision making. All the gathered data is anonymous.

Firstview analytics gives you a monthly, easy-to-understand report which among others includes: visitor count, fluctuations by time and day, how visitors navigate the space, key entry points and where visitors stop.

Enhance customer experience with analytics

Optimize your space:

  • measure location attractiveness and functionality
  • gather data about visitor count
  • map out congestion peaks
  • find the real visitor paths

Target campaigns and measure marketing:

  • enhance targeted communication
  • measure campaign efficiency
  • research the brand and product attractiveness: is the product placement good? What brands are interesting to visitors?

Pin-point your resourcing and invest in customer service quality:

  • find out the average wait times
  • increase sales people abundance during peak hours

This is what you can measure

Who is your customer?

  • Visitor count
  • Sex
  • Age

How do people move in-store?

  • Heat maps
  • Pathways
  • Travel directions
  • Threshold crossings

How much time do people spend?

  • Time in location
  • Distance travelled

What content actually works?

  • Stopping viewers
  • Viewing time
  • View counts

What do you need to do?

Nothing more than to decide, really. The Firstview team tailors in-store analytics for you. You’ll get pre-crunched data to support space optimization and sales.

We'll map out the space

Our technician pops in for a visit and maps out your space.


We’ll install and configure all the necessary sensors.

That's it – we're done!

Just lean back and wait for the monthly reports.

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