The LED screen helps you stand out

City centers, roadsides and shopping malls are full of advertisements that compete for the attention of passers-by. The LED screen’s large, seamless surfaces and luminous efficacy make your message shine and stand out from the crowd.

The LED screen is a visual and attention-grabbing way to communicate

The giant LED screen with changing content catches the attention. With the LED screen, you can boost the feeling in the lobby or advertise in the shopping center.

Always the right size, a seamless option for a video walls

The LED screen can be built just the way you want by stacking the right number of LED modules side by side and on top of each other. For screens over 100″, the LED wall is a good value for money alternative to the video wall. The final result is seamless and stylish.

How to choose a right option?

Start with the purpose of the screen and what kind of a content you intend to show on the screen. An LED wall for indoor use is different from an outdoor LED billboard. When you know the purpose of the screen, you know what size screen, pixel pitch and pixel size you need.

Why FirstView?

An LED screen is a big investment, so the purchase must go right at once.

We help you navigate in the jungle of technical specs and only offer solutions that serve the purpose best. If necessary, we will carry out an on-site survey, so that the offered display certainly fits to the real need.

After implementation, we won’t disappear anywhere. We will support you managing the content and solve any technical problems for you.

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