Heymo1. by Sokos Hotels

In the hotel, digital signage and a virtual reception service make the visitor’s experience smoother.

A new kind of hotel concept

Heymo1. by Sokos Hotels is a new type of flexible service hotel concept opened in 2022, where smooth, first-class and pleasant customer experience is important.

In order to make the service more fluent, the hotel has invested a lot in automated and digital solutions, which frees up the staff’s time to serve visitors, says Jukka Kaartinen from Sokos Hotels.

Five virtual reception desk are located in the hotel lobby, which guide the guest forward with the help of touch screens, sound showers and guiding content. Accessibility is also taken into account in the concept, so the use of the service is smooth for all visitors.

After the hotel has been open for the first couple of months, customers have given good feedback about the functionality of the concept. When the technology is harnessed to handle the tasks intended for it, the staff can focus on solving customer challenges, Kaartinen states.

With the help of digitals signage, guests can be given information at the right moment

Info screens and a virtual reception service help hotel guests throughout their stay, from check-in to check-out. During the visit, the screens can be used to share the necessary information and tell about events in the city, for example. The virtual desks enable smooth transactions, when you can check in and out of the hotel at any time of the day without long queues.

“FirstView info screens bring the opportunity to share relevant and right information at the right moment to our guests,” Kaartinen says.


Long-term cooperation

Before the start of the project, Sokos Hotels contacted FirstView to inquire about the possibility of developing a new concept. Kaartinen says that already in the first meeting it was clear that FirstView has the necessary technical know-how and the courage to implement even more special projects.

Sokotel Oy, which operate the Radisson Blu Hotels and Sokos Hotels chains, and FirstView have been cooperating for several years and currently have FirstView digital signage solutions in more than 20 hotels.

FirstView screens bring the opportunity to share relevant and correct information at the right moment to our guests.

Jukka Kaartinen

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