Näsi Pharmacy

Ad screens and sound showers – Näsi pharmacy invests in comfort and privacy

Digital signage drives sales and marketing

he Näsi pharmacy in Porvoo got busy, the pharmacy was renovated and after that FirstView’s background music and advertising screens were taken into use. Now 11 digital screens effectively replace traditional advertising posters. Window screens are used to communicate with passers-by, and inside the pharmacy there are digital screens on pillars, at the cash register and at prescription counters.

Digital signage is used for marketing, information and brand building. Pharmacist Kirsi Paulamäki is pleased that advertising posters are no longer used and with digital signage it is possible to react quickly, for example, by bringing the hygiene guidelines of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare to the screens. Porvoo-themed pictures on the cash register that bring good vibes and strengthen the image of the pharmacy.

Sound showers guarantee customers' privacy

The pharmacy has invested heavily in PA system. The pharmacy uses FirstView’s background music service and Panphonics sound showers above the prescription waiting area. For customers waiting for their turn, music can be heard from the sound showers, which means that the speech of those visiting the recipe counter cannot be heard.

Background music improves intimacy in the pharmacy. The background music does not disturb the customers, but takes attention away from what is happening around them and guarantees privacy for those shopping at the prescription counter.

Content production as a service helps you focus on what is essential

In addition to background music and digital screens, the service also includes content production for the screens. A digital signage advertising professional makes monthly content and schedules ads in advance. This way, pharmacists no longer have to update screens, but can focus on customer service

“The cooperation with FirstView went really well. All the planning and advice was just for us. Firstview went to see the place, the solutions, came up with ideas and explored that they could work in this space.”

Kirsi Paulamäki

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