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Forum Marinum

Versatile and visual communication for museum-goers

In Forum Marinum FirstView InfoTV is in used in many ways both in- and outdoors.

The Forum Marinum Maritime Centre is a functional maritime activity centre, national museum for seafaring, and Finnish Navy museum. It is both a tourist attraction and and active meeting and event centre. FirstView displays installed to windows give information for instance of the opening hours of the centre. On the displays in Cafe Daphne are presented lunch lists, displays in museum shops inform of campaigns and offers, and a big 46-inch outdoor display in the strand of Aura river advertises of events.

The centre also uses FirstView system for conference reservations and guidance. With FirstView InfoTV it is easy to inform and advertise in real time throughout the whole centre. The FirstView displays can also be used for selling advertising time for partners and co-operation companies to make the FirstView system even more profitable.

With FirstView’s solutions both individual shops and the centre as a whole can communicate clearly. The displays have been particularly effective in various events, where up-to-date content is critical.

The displays are used for communicating opening hours, lunch menu’s, special offers and event marketing.

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