Restaurant manager Annika was frustrated. For ten years her personnel told customers today’s specials. The menus had to be printed out time and time again and still looked crappy.

Until one day saviours came in their dark metal suits. Digital info displays appeared in the restaurant making the money flow in and returning a genuine smile on employer’s faces.


Digital Signage benefits in restaurants

  • Automativally updated menus and price lists
  • Visually appealing image and vdieo material
  • Frequently asked questions and feedback
  • Public transport information and taxi services
  • Entertainment and customer satisfaction
  • Cross-marketing and ad sales

FirstView users in restaurants Restaurant Factory, Amarillo, Jungle Juice Bar, Tuuri


Selected Products

SoundCube™ Background Music Service

SoundCube™ background music is an easy alternative to silence and it can be up to half the price of existing systems.

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Modern pylons have a wide viewing angle efficiently grabs the attention of your customers

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10" Mini Screen

Small digital screen is especially designed for door sides and service counters.

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Displays 32" to 65"

Professional bright displays get your content to viewers round the clock.

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Digital A-Stand

A-Stand is your brightest sales promoter and messenger wherever and whenever you need.

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