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Reaaliaikaista tietoa joukkoliikenteen matkustajille

People can now check the departure times for buses at the Turku Market Square from digital timetable displays.

A total of six 47-inch FirstView displays have been installed at the height of two and a half meters. One display can show up to 20 departures at a time.

FirstView displays have already been in use before this, however, in the window of the service office for public transportation located next to the Market Square. The displays have provided information about current news, products and stops concerning public transportation, and now the service has been expanded to include timetables, while also bringing the information closer to the people by placing the screens at_the bus stops by the Market Square._

– People have noticed the displays, and the feedback we have received regarding them has mostly been positive, says Jari Paasikivi, head of development for the Turku public transportation.

– In the future, we intend to display real-time information concerning public transportation in other parts of the city, too, like in shopping centers, hospitals and other large, public spaces.

The Office of Public Transportation also wants to look into whether private operators, such as office buildings, would be willing to display public transportation information on their own premises. In addition to timetables, the screens are intended to be used for displaying other information concerning public transportation, too, and for increasing the number of people using public transportation.

– Electronic displays would also be well suited for displaying other kinds of information by the city, like for marketing its sporting and cultural activities. This way, we could build up the image of the whole city, envisions Paasikivi.

– The FirstView information system is easy to update, and screen-specific content can be created for it. We get the timetable information for the displays from the same central system that our customer information sources and drivers receive it from. This way, we have managed to keep the expenses reasonable.

Public transportation on the rise

In Turku, the number of people using public transportation has increased by a few percent in the recent years. – We need to constantly develop our communications, the availability of our services and the comfort of our passengers.

– Turku has dozens of bus lines and thousands of departures every day, and we’re going to start cooperating with the public transportation of the municipalities of Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali, Rusko and Lieto. This new public transportation region will have identical ticketing products and prices. Passenger information is one the key issues, and we have planned to install electronic displays outside Turku, too.

With the cooperation, the coloring of the buses will also change, and buses operating from other municipalities and cities of the region will get the same yellow-white coloring as the Turku city buses. Public transportation services will be bought mainly from private bus operators, and the Office of Public Transportation of the Turku region, which is a part of the Turku Region Environmental Division, will be responsible for the design and development of the whole and for the ticketing products and their sales.

In addition to the development of public transportation, the planning of rail traffic for Turku is also under way. – Tramcars have a good image, and they have increased the number of people that use public transportation in many cities. At the moment, we’re only just specifying the available route options and assessing the profitability of rail traffic. We plan to have the general plan finished in 2014, so that we can present it to the City Council for them to decide, says Jari Paasikivi.

– The digital information displays are easy to update, and they’re also a very flexible channel for informing passengers of changes in bus timetables, says Jari Paasikivi, head of development for the Turku public transportation.

Information displays are easy to update, and screen-specific content can be created.

Jari Paasikivi, Head of Development, City of Turku

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